Sony DVD Player

I believe this DVD player was the first ever to be introduced to the market. I know it is at least 10 years old. Maybe older. My recolections about this device stop at ten years.

It was a joint Christmas present from our children. All three of the offspring pooled their resources to buy this thing for us as Sony was very proud of the product. As I recall it came in at around $300.

Last month it stopped working. It lost the ability to recognize discs. It kept tellin us there was no disc present when we loaded a DVD into it. Hey, I wonder if the DVD fairy turned it into a politician.

Last night I finally decided it was time to look inside this high dollar bit of technology and see if its brains had fallen out.

It turned out to be the spindle motor. The spindle motor had quit turning. Luckily it just had a stuck shaft. Dust, dirt, bubble gum? I did not find anything to clean out. I got it turning again by pushing on the spindle with my finger. One gentle push and it was off and running. Maybe it was just asleep or tired.

I ran a couple of DVDs through it. Let it run all night with the cover off. Both covers. The case cover as well as the drive cover. Big sign on the drive cover cautioned about looking directly into the laser. I was suprized to find it had a visible red laser. I was also surprised to find the little red dot started out at the center of the spindle and moved outward. I had always thought the head read from the outside to the center.

The drive is not all that happy with the top cover off. Seems the top cover contains a spindle tamer that helps stabilise the disc when it spins. With the cover off the disc sort of wobbles a bit before it finally gets up to speed. The important thing is that it works with the cover on or off.

Now the player is all back together and sitting, ready for use, in the console in the den. Hoping it will last at least as long as our DVDs last. No blue-ray here. Way to soon to get involved in another ‘Beta VS VHS’ like controversy. Besides, we don’t have another $300 to throw at blue-ray.

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