Off Air TV

Seems that most of the new digital channels are in the UHF region. We do have basic cable but getting something for nothing is too big a plum not to pick it up if you can.

So, we added a four bay UHF TV antenna to our ham radio antenna. We mounted the TV antenna just on the other side of the mast from the ham antenna rotator.

We feed the TV antenna with open wire line hoping that the feedline might pick up some VHF signals as well as providing the absolute lowest attenuation of the UHF signals.

Seemed simple enough. We modified two U-bolts to fit the oversized mast and proceeded to mount the antenna.

The first problem was that it interferred with the rotator. So we made two metal stand-offs that would support the TV antenna out and away from the rotator.

The second problem was that the feedline was just a little too short. One lousy inch to be exact, but enough to have to solder extensions onto the existing feedline in order to reach the feedline connections at the antenna.

Took the better part of a day to make and install the necessary parts but finally finished.

Now all we need to do is hook up the feedline in the attic and see if the new antenna works.

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