300 Ohm TV feedline

It used to be that every TV antenna used a 300 ohm feedline. It was 300 ohm twin lead. It was cheap and the lowest loss feedline you could get. The only problem it had was that it picked up noise. In an analog system noise shows up on the screen. To get rid of noise TV feedlines were changed to coaxial feed lines. These were shielded and pretty much eliminated noise.

Digital TV does not show noise on the screen. All it needs is a minumum signal level. Once that signal level is met you get a perfect picture. No noise, no ghosts, no aberrations, just a perfect picture.

So now I am going back to 300 ohm twinlead and dumping the coax. Less loss in signal from the antenna using 300 ohm twinlead and it is much less expensive too.

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