Amazon and Jewelry

Recently we found some interesting jewelry on Amazon. The item we bought was offered by one of many third party vendors doing business through Amazon.

This item was a amethest pendant reasonably priced under $100. When it arrived it turned out to be a $15 piece of kids trinket.

Only a fool would buy jewelry on-line from an enlarged picture.

Evidently the vendor suspected we might be less than happy with the purchase because included in the package was an applicaton for refund. Refund minus shipping and handling. Guess that free shipping is a one way deal and good only if you let yourself get robbed.

Buyer beware and beware especially of jewelry crooks scamming folks on

You would think that the folk at Amazon would have higher ideals. After all, crap like this reflects on them as much as on the vendor perpetrating the fraud.

We are conflicted about applying for a refund because we do not need store credit to a crooked organization.

We may just take the hit. Write this thing off as a loss and warn our friends not to buy jewelry on-line from Amazon or any other on-line vendor. The temptation to defraud is just too great in an on-line transaction.

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