J. C. Penny on-line

We found some interesting jewelry on the J.C. Penny website and decided to investigate. There was no way we were going to do an on-line purchase after being cheated on Amazon, so we called Pennys customer service.

No answer. Guess maybe they were still at the Christmas party. It might do well to note that advertising a customer service feature that is unresponsive is a sure way to loose customers.

We submitted an email inquiry instead. Two days later we get an email telling us the item is not available in stores. This after we informed these morons that we do not purchase jewelry on-line due to the fraud potential. Oh well. It appears that J.C. Penny is still as ambivelent to prospecitve customers as it was several years ago when we were in the market for a new TV set.

They had a TV set, reasonably priced and with freatures we wanted. Unfortunately none were in stock. They offered to sell us the demo unit at regular price. I was not interested in buying a used TV at new TV prices.

We finally found a decent TV at Wards.

Might wonder why we did not go to Best Buy or any other major electronics store, their prices were higher than we wanted to pay.

Buying things a Best Buy is not always ‘best’ from the customers perspective. I remember purchasing a hoover upright from Best Buy many years ago. It was a cheap vacuum priced under $100. The sales lady wanted to know if we would be interested in purchasing an annual maintenance warrenty for $50.

We have been avoiding Best Buy ever since.

We also have not been back to Wards and will certainly avoid Pennys and Amazon as well.

A good place to buy electronics is at Sams or Wall-Mart. Department store just are not competative any more. They never have been competative but during an economic downturn they are positively rediculous.

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