After very carefully tuning both the vertically polarized four element moxon and the horizontally polarized seven element broadband beam, I installed them onto the stub mast and mounted them on the main mast through the thrust bearing and into the rotator.

The mast was cranked back up to full height and the antennas were tested. I was more than a little dissapointed in that they both showed fairly high swr.

I learned a long time ago that when things don’t work out like expected its time to relax and sleep on it.

A couple of days after the initial test I took another look at the setup in the shack. I had built an antenna switching system so that I could use one run of RG8 for either the vertical or the horizontal antenna. I was only intending to use one or the other at any given time so a switching system seemed ideal.

As I investigated the hookup I found that the SWR meter was in the antenna side of the switching system. This meant that the power running the switching system was being run through the SWR meter. I relocated the SWR meter to be in line in the section running from the 2 meter rig to the antenna switch. The SWR on both antennas is now as should be.

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