Ad-Aware and AVG

Both of these programs used to be useful but recently they have become less useful and make the user a target for scammers.

We were recently hit with a virus. First time in over 30 years.

Unfortunately we could no longer use the infected computer and I became involved in getting rid of the virus.

It was a simple matter of running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scanner, the free version.

Malwarebytes is a very nice, professional bit of software that also has a ‘pay to play’ commercial version. It is reminiscent of the way Ad-Aware and AVG used to work when they were first introduced.

After the virus was removed and added security was installed, I revisited AVG and Ad-Aware to see what they had to offer. The first indication that all was not well occurred when both these vendors offered their premium versions for free. Free as long as you signed up for some really worthless services that no one needs. So it really was not free. Just a waste of time.

Still, I downloaded the free versions and tried them. I got rid of AVG because I did not want to suffer the overhead of having their stuff rifling through my files. Besides, after the ‘free’ scam they tried, I did not trust them anymore.

I also got rid of Ad-Aware because of their incessant nag screens. This program is supposed to eliminate unwanted advertising, not add advertising of their own.

Too bad. Both of these vendors have been removed from my approved list. Replaced with Malwarebytes.

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