Home Depot

On my last trip to handy homers yesterday I was amazed at all the friendly people offering help. Aint it wonderful?

Not really. A lady approached me offering to help with my tile selection claiming that she was a tile ‘expert’. I told her if she really wanted to help, learn how to run a cash register so I don’t have to do the checkout myself.

I may have offended her as she walked off muttering about her ‘expert’ status. Expert? I don’t expect to find too many experts working for minimum wage at Home Depot! Heck, some of them don’t even speak good english.

When I go to a ‘serve yourself’ home improvement center I go with the goal of serving myself. I want to buy my ‘stuff’ with a minimum investment in time and money. If I need help finding something, I will ask.

In fact, that did happen. I was looking for a sink spray attachment. I asked an employee in the plumbing department where I could find such. He furlled his brow and said, ‘Let me think’. It was pretty obvious he was not big on thinking so I told him, ‘Never mind, don’t hurt yoursel
f, I will find it myself’.

I take offense at being greeted at the door by people waving flyers trying to propagandise me. I did not come to read flyers. I usually throw them away when they mail them to me. Why would they think I would take time to read them on site?

I also take offense at being offered help unless I ask for it. Then, when I do ask for it, I am offended by blank stares as some moron tries to remember what his job is.

I guess I am just easily offended.

Just one more offence. I do not like the self checkout. I do not work at Home Depot and I do not want to be treated as though I do.

I know, I know, they claim they do that to cut costs. The only thing I care about is what it costs me and I don’t see the prices going down. The only thing self checkout does is increase the time I have to spend in the store.

So, to all you Home Depot workers, quit trying to be something you are not. Go back to doing the things you were doing several years ago. Your customers will be happier and you will have less reason to be offended or offensive.

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