Debit Card

We don’t max out our credit cards anymore. We do not have any credit cards anymore. Now we max out out debit cards.

debit cards are great. No checks to write. No bills to pay. No credit limits because it is pay as you go so there is no interest either. No interest to pay. No interest to go up. None of the downsides you experience with credit cards because we do not use credit.

I hear that banks don’t want to loan. I will go you one better, I don’t want to borrow.

When I use the debit card I always get asked if I want cash back. I don’t understand that. I use a debit card because it is more convenient than writing checks and safer than carrying cash.

The last time I was asked if I wanted cash back, I told them SURE, how much you got, I’ll take it all. Thanks for the fact that the cashier had a sense of humor.

No I don’t want cash back if it is drawn against my account. I use a debit card so that I don’t need to carry cash.

What is so hard for these folk to understand that. The only thing I can see that would make this logical is that the bank charges plenty for cash withdrawls against a debit card. Either way, I have no reason to find out or desire to do so.

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