Price Check

I have quit buying stuff at the local True Value store because they no longer offer true value or any value at all.

Most recently I needed a J-trap for a sink repair. I could not use the cheaper PVC type. I needed the old fashioned brass type. I went to the true value store first because it is closer. They wanted $10 for the part! I figured I could do better at Home Depot and I did. Handy Homer wanted $7 for the same part. Still more than I wanted to pay but certainly better than $10.

Today I heard that True Value stores are having a 20 percent off sale. That sounds like a good deal until you realize that their everyday prices are nearly 30 percent higher than the competition.

Home Depot would have to raise their prices by almost 10 percent to give you the same deal you would get at True Value 20 percent off sale.

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