We have been using Dial hand and bath soap for over 40 years. We have become accustomed to associating the Dial fragrance with cleanliness; until just recently.

Dial bars used to be full firm and fully packed. Today they have a unique shape. Sort of dished out. Perhaps to fit the hand? Just recently I realized that they are not trying to make the shape ‘fit the hand’ as mush as they are trying to reduce the amount of soap in each bar. How silly! Fit the hand Indeed. That makes as much sense as putting handles on cats so you can take them for a walk,

No, the makers of dial are not looking out for the good of the consumer, they are raising prices and cutting product portions. Why? Because someone has figured out you don’t need to work nearly as hard if abuse the consumer. Costs go down. Profits go up. All you have to do is sit on your fat lazy ass and let it ride. Consumers are tied to brands by brand loyalty. They will never catch on.

During a recent trip to the store I noticed that Dial cost nearly double what other soaps were priced. I never gave much thought to the price of soap. After all, at ten cents a bar what is the point. That is no longer the case. Dial is up at $12 for a pack of 16 bars. Competitors are at $7 for a pack of 16 bars. Then when you consider your are getting half the soap in each bar of Dial, Dial becomes the product not to buy.

Suddenly that clean Dial smell has become the foul odor of greed and consumer abuse.

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