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How to make Wishes come True

March 6, 2010

Fall comes and leaves fall. No problem unless you have large trees on the property. We have two huge trees in the back yard. Every year the trees drop their leaves. Some are blown away by the wind but most end up lining the fence around the yard.

The other day I was wishing they would disappear.

I ended up stuffing leaves onto bags for two days.

Today my wish has come true. The leaves have disappeared and now I know the secret to making wishes come true.

Can you guess what that might be?

Good Intentions

November 28, 2009

You hear about ‘Good Intentions’ in the face of bad results. The ‘Good Intentions’ factor is provided as a way of allowing the suspected incompetent to try again.

After the third try with bad results on each turn there is not nearly as much benefit to the doubt and the fool in question is usually invited to take his good intentions and go elsewhere.

Good intentions is a quality that cannot be prooven. At least not as clearly as bad intentions and when results are consistently bad one has to question the goodness of ‘Good Intentions’.

Of course, given bad intentions, the perp would not be allowed to play at all. Three consecutive occurances of bad results can be considered as damagiing as bad intentions in the first place.

It's the Thought That Counts

November 28, 2009

No its not!! No one ever got credit for wishful thinking. It is how you put the thought to action that counts and if the action is lacking, you don’t get any credit either. Ask my wife.

Too Big to Fail

October 26, 2009

After the GM post I began to dwell on this topic. The more I thought about it the more absurd it became.

Size (big), and Success do not come in the same package. They don’t even share the same zip code! They may be mutually exclusive. The truth is, the bigger you are, the harder you have to work to be successful.

So, when someone implies something is ‘too big to fail’, they are delivering an oxymoron. In other words they are acting as morons delivering an oxy.

I don’t know what an oxy is either. Suffice to know it is being delivered by a moron. So, consider the source and act accordingly.

The subject of this post is a tool used by the flim-flam man to redirect, confuse, frustrate, and otherwise offer snake oil as a solution to a serious malady.

We confuse ‘too big’ with ‘too good’. Bigger is not better. The malady is not the failure. The malady is the bigness. The remedy is the failure.

Don’t be mislead by the razzle dazzle.

California Bonds

September 18, 2009

The ads on the radio have been often and unrelenting. California is offering bonds to the tune of over 8 billion dollars!

Hey, maybe I should offer bonds of up to 1 biilion dollars.

Same difference, same backing, same investment opportunity.

California is paying its employees with IOUs. Its credit rating is non-existant. These are not junk bonds they are offering, these are toilet bonds!

I cannot believe that an organization that is essentially bankrupt is spending money it does not have on ads that will not deliver results.


September 5, 2009

Seems that folk of questionable motivation think that all they have to do is offer an appology for offenses against society, and then only when they get caught.

That is not the way appologies work.

When you offend someone in a moment of anger or frustration but are otherwise a basically good person, you can appologize and expect your appology to make the situation right.

When you are an evil person bent on the destruction of society, you cannot expect anyone to take your appology seriously.

It is like the devil appologizing for having a tail.

Hardware or Software

September 2, 2009

When troubles start most engineers will blame the software, most programmers will blame the hardware. Which is right?

Neither is right. They just are both lazy so they blame something out of their realm of responsibility. They act like politicians. Who?, me?, I wasn’t even there when the s–t hit the fan.

You have to trust your own conclusions based on the facts. The real facts. Facts that you can see and evaluate.

When software that runs on other equipment without incident suddenly goes bonkers in your machine, it is probably not the software. Even if it is your machine alone that goes bonkers. As long as it was working correctly at some time with the software it is running now, it is probably not the software.

That is how I was able to find and identify a bad hard drive and some bad system memory (RAM). The hard drive was not dead but developed some bad sectors. Being more than then years old it got trashed. Same with the memory. The memory was not all dead but had enough stuck bits to not be able to read what was written. Symptoms similar to buggy software but it was definately the memory because when it was replace the problem dissappeared. No not in as in a magic act as in, ‘Look! the elephant dissappeared. It just friggin dissappeared.

No, the problem went away and stayed gone for the better part of a week with the machine running around the clock.

So the next time the engineer tells you it is software, or the programmer tells you it is hardware, take a look yourself. Especially if it is your machine or your investment.

True Value

July 16, 2009

It is finally official. Our local ‘true value’ hardware place has turned into rip-off central.

I needed an ac plug to install on a line cord for a lamp. I searched my garage and found some dippy little contraption where the connection to the wire was through spikes that would pierce the insulation to make contact. Either the spikes were too short or the wire insulation was too thick or both. This approach did not work.

Off to the hardware store. This was a common item which was certainly going to be in stock and affordable.

I finally found a bin full of plastic plugs with screw connections for the line cord. Price: $1.78.

Now it is not that I could ill afford to pay that much. I had a twenty burning a hole in my pocket but I was not about to pay nearly two bucks for an item that was worth 50 cents, tops.

So off to Harbor Freight. They only had the super quality Hubble style connectors. The ones with three prongs that you see on professional extention cords and industrial, heavy duty power equipment. Not really suitable for a lamp cord plug. Even so I made note that they were reasonably priced. Two bucks for the male and three bucks for the female. I have seen these same connectors at 8 bucks each at Home Depot.

Off to the local Albertsons. It was on the way home from Harbor Freight. Sometimes gocery stores have small hardware sections and sometimes they have ac line cord plugs. Not this time.

Stopped at a surplus machine tool shop on the way home. They did not have any ac line cord plugs either but they did have some really nice machine tools. They made Harbor Freight look like a junk store and their prices were only slightly higher than Harbor Freight.

Came home empty handed but better educated and a little wiser. No more True Value for me. Ever since they changed hands, they have gone downhill in a steady decline. You can pretty much tell if a place is worth entering by the number of cars parked in front. This particular hardware place used to have a full lot of cars at nearly any hour of the day. When I got there today I was the second of two cars parked out front. I also noticed that the Sears lot was practically deserted too. I have not been in a Sears in over two years. Soon I will be able to say the same for ‘True Value’.

A 20 minute search through 20 boxes of stored parts and I had the plug I needed. I knew I had one somewhere but thought it would be eaiser just to buy a new one. Next time I will know better.

Bail Out

March 24, 2009

Bail out refers to the act of using a bucket to ship water out of a boat that is flooding. If done properly, it can save the boat from sinking. You can’t ‘bail out’ a boat that is already under water.

Picture this. A very high cliff. At the edge of the cliff is a large factory. Smokestacks everywhere. Suddenly the entire structure falls off the cliff. People scream, scurry around, claiming ‘it is too big to fall’. It is too big to fall mainly because it will make a hole large enough to drain the lake below when it hits the ground.

Lets save it! How!? Throw money at it!

So now you have a mob of politicians at the edge of the cliff throwing money down on top of the falling enterprise. More, more, more, money. How much does it need? How much have you got? Throw it all down there.

Before long the enterprise hits the bottom of the cliff, makes a large hole. drains the lake and in the process sucks all that money down with the water. Gone forever, enterprise, money, and lake. The only thing left are the politicians at the top of the cliff blaming each other for the mishap.

Now we all know that only a moron would throw money at a falling (failing) enterprise. By the time an enterprise gets into serious trouble most knowlegable stockholders have already moved on. Whats left is stuff that is going to hell regardless. Throwing money after it is like spitting into the wind. No, it is worse than that. At least if you spit into the wind it will come back and hit you in the face. Not so when you throw money down a rat hole.

So, why is it that politicians don’t know that? Well, that is not a fair question or even a logical question. That question indicates that the person asking does not understand what a politician is. Look it up in the dictionary.

Political solutions are political because they often favor an indefensible position on the part of the politician. What us commoners call common sense, the politician sees as inconvenient obstacles. You see, ALL politicians have an ax to grind. They ALL have a set of wants, wishes and desires some which may not have anything to do with the people who elected them. If the politician did not tell you what they were going to do if elected, or, worse, if they lied to about that, and even worser, if you believed those lies, they no longer have anything to keep them from running amuck. Regardless of what is in their oath of office or in the Bible their hand blasphemed. Once you sell your soul to the devil, you become his representative.

So, as we wonder why so many politicians appear to us to be morons, people who lack any common sense, we are simply not analyzing the situation correctly. We are in danger of being the morons.

Go back to the ‘falling of a cliff’ analogy. It is all over things are calming down when two weeks later a few survivors of the now defunct enterprise go swimming around the hole their enterprise made. They find a few bills came floating up to the surface. They pocket the bills. The public discovers their find and becomes indignant. So much so that they insist that the same ‘morons’ that threw the money down the rat hole take away the few bills from the survivors. Now we have AIG.

AIG is not the problem. The political mis-solution was the problem. It still is the problem. We need politicians who share and respect our morals, laws, and culture. We need to retire those who do not feel and act as we do.

BillBoards and BillBords

February 27, 2009

We do not like to travel but every now and then it cannot be avoided. Our last ‘now and then’ occurred last weekend. We are always glad to arrive at our destination. We are always glad to get back. What we don’t like is the actual traveling. It is boring. Especially when it is the same old route we always take to the same old place.

On this last trip I amused myself by reading the billboards. At least some of them anyway. One that caught my eye was an ad from a builder claiming ‘we build houses the way you want’.

When you are bored, you have time to think. As I thought about what I had read, I began to wonder what sort of company would say something so insane.

How many people hire builders who don’t build houses the way they want? Why would a builder even consider it necessary to make such an insane comment?

Have they not heard of architects? Maybe not. Perhaps they are a bunch of farmers who have experience at building barns. Barns, houses, only difference is a few more windows in houses. We can do that. Heck it will save money on wall material. Yeah, lets tell people we build houses too.

I don’t remember the builders name but I am sure going to be on the lookout for folk that claim to build stuff the way I want. They have no idea.

While on the subject of billboards, I could not help but chuckle at one looking for someone to advertise on their billboard. The billboard reads something like, ‘Does billboard advertising work, just did.’ That false assumption is followed by a phone number.

Now if I were advertising on a billboard, I would want to get people to call the phone number I provide in the ad. When they do, that is when billboard advertising works. Billboard advertising does not work for people drawing false conclusions. It didn’t ‘just work’ because I did not call the number.

In fact, even if I were in the market to put an ad on a billboard, I would not call that one because his advertising approach is moronic.